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Life's Precious Gems

Often, little things are not given due attention, but these are the gems around us that make up our lives, our inner being. Like little drops of water that make an ocean, tiny grains of sand that make a mountain. Like tiny, glittering stars that fill the sky.

Abang, you're not going to see the stars you know...

Sunday the 7th of June saw my two children, Aiman and Marzia, my bff Fauziah and I travelling to Bukit Kor in Marang, Terengganu for a scientific expedition organised by Universiti Malaysia Terengganu. The objective of the expedition was to scout for colonies of meliponines in the forest, especially the rare species and to salvage them before their habitat has to make way for the university's brand new campus.

Fauziah and I had earlier predicted that we would be able to go only about half the way. Although our spirits were more than willing, we cannot deny the fact that we are of that age where many would be staying home looking after their grandchildren. But the UMT team had prepared nasi dagang and roselle juice, plus meliponine honey for our breakfast so that would hopefully keep us energised throughout the 4-hour trekking. 

This was the first ever expedition of this sort and we were not about to miss this historical event!
Suffice to say, our spirits ruled and we completed the whole course of the expedition just like everyone else. The forest adventure was the best experience I've had so far since being involved in meliponines, and the other participants had made the event that much more fun and interesting.

Marzia was thrilled when Prof. Dr. Shamsul from UMT handed her a pair of Nikon binoculars. Enough already Adik, it's time to move on! 

   The pictures above are by Gee Shariff for Bilut Valley Bee Farm. I just love them and thought this post would be a great place and opportunity to share them!

Aiman had pretty much summed up my feelings during the Bukit Kor expedition in his Instagram. I had not been aware that he was observing and watching over me. I had not realised his serious concern over my condition. I had not expected him to take notice of my smiles. I had not seen that my happiness was really important to him. 

Little did Aiman know that I was also nursing  chronic inflammation of the skin on both my feet due to excessive sweating during farming. :-)  

I had not imagined that my son has taken over the responsibility of being the caretaker. I guess like most moms, I had thought that I had to always be the one looking out for the children and taking care of them till the day I die. And like most moms, although they are full grown adults, they would forever remain as our babies.

Aiman's words had brought tears to my eyes, and of course the compulsion to write this entry. I can't help but sense there's some pride in him that his mom had accomplished completing the course. These are but little things, but they give me enormous strength and desire to forge ahead and take on bigger challenges in my life. They are the precious gems that are priceless to me, and I cherish them more than anything else in this world.


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