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...if ever there was such a thing as a beautiful death, then hers would be it...

Hajjah Noorani Hamzah, aged 82, died so peacefully in her sleep soon after her Isya' prayer on a sacred malam Juma'at on 20 September 2012 (5 Zulkaedah 1433). 

One thing I adore about Noorani Hamzah: she was passionate about learning. She was one of the few female students of SAHC (Sultan Abdul Hamid College) Alor Star in the 40s, competing against predominantly male students. Then, off she went to Kirkby in 1952/3 to pursue an educational course. Coming back, she became a teacher and eventually rose as director at Education Ministry. Later, while in service she took a sabbatical for her degree in Home Economics at Ohio State University, leaving behind the family about a year. That's an inspiration and prompted me that learning should never, ever stop. Something I'll hold on to to face another 3 years of my BA. You'll be missed, Mak Ani. 

Abdul Muttalib  Saifuddin, nephew and family historian, had posted this on his 
Facebook page upon learning of his aunt's passing on.

I had had the urge to write about Mama on Tuesday. That night I was going through old family albums in search of appropriate pictures to place in the post and had told my husband, Ahmad Cendana about my intention. Two days later, before I could even think of a suitable title for the tribute to her, she was gone. 

Right now I'm not able to write the post in the manner that I had wanted to as I'm still emotionally drained from the sudden loss, even with the gentle persuasion from my dear cousin Mutalib to do so. But he had written a very concise history of Mama which tells a thousand things about this formidable woman I call Mama, which I feel is more than enough for the moment. Thank you Lib...for now I can only manage a post with images of her.

 Celebrating Mama's 80th birthday - she loved to cook big meals and made an excuse to make just about anything an occasion to gather her children, 
grand-children and great-grand children around her. But for this very special occasion, my sister Yan had initiated and organised the get-together for her, and also another one on Mama's 82nd birthday  this year( picture below).

Mama on her last Eid with us, 19 August 2012

 She was called "Mama" and "Opah" even by non-relatives. Everyone loved her. Even this cat did, very much so. This cat whom Mama fondly called Tam-tam came from nowhere and made himself at home. He'd go straight to Mama's room, jump on her bed and gave her hard, wet kisses on her lips and all over her face

I'll be missing Mama badly, but I know, she's now in a much better place, and with Allah's permission, with her husband where she longed so much to be.  
Al - Fatihah

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