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I reflect upon my life since the dawning of spirituality and I can only marvel at how God Almighty charts our lives like only He can and only He knows how. There were many unexpected and mystical occurrences in my life during the transitions, and they were like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that were arranged piece by piece; sometimes so painstakingly because there was infliction of hurt, pain, sorrow and disappointment. Some, I was not able to comprehend and thus it made me hard to accept the occurrence at that time. Others were simply and effortlessly placed in the intended positions as though guided by an invisible and unknown force. But eventually all the pieces fit and when the picture started to form, it made sense of things, of me, of my life, of my existence.

The jigsaw pieces appeared ever since I was a child  and because I was too young to understand most of them, many incidences made me a confused and introverted child. A particularly frightening occurrence even had my sister Yan thinking that I was suffering from a sudden bout of temporary insanity. I was about ten years old and was lounging around the sitting room after school when I felt I was taken into a different dimension of time. I was conscious of where I was, and even aware of Yan's presence in the room. But the sensation I had was that of being taken into a "twilight zone".
I was going through a timeless tunnel, and there was absolutely no one there with me to help me. I was alone and it felt like it would be like that forever and ever and ever. I would be trapped in this time warp for God knows how long, as it was an infinite dimension of time and space. I started to scream and wail like one being obsessed, except that I was totally conscious of what was happening. It happened for just a couple of minutes, but the memory of the fear of Allah's wrath is enough to remain with me till the day I die. I now know that the sensation was only a simulation of the transition between death and eternity. I shudder to think what the real situation could be like.

The spiritual evolution started sometime in 1997 but at that time I was oblivious to the signs and the subtle transformation that was beginning to take shape. At that time everything seemed to be going my way; I was ascending in my career path. The high profile managerial post in the multinational company I was working for was about to be vacant and I was unquestionably next in line as far as my seniority, experience and performance was concerned. I was living in a family house in Bukit Damansara and was proudly driving an Alfa Romeo 33 Sportswagon, one of only three units brought into Malaysia. I had so foolishly, and perhaps even arrogantly thought that I was at the prime of my life and had centered everything around myself and my family. 
The Alfa Romeo 33 Sportswagon

However just over a year later, in 1998, I started to suffer a series of major setbacks. A business venture fell through and I suffered quite a big loss financially. On top of this, I was involved in a road accident which caused serious damage to my prized car. The following year I left my job, much to the chagrin of my brother, to join my sister Yan and help her in her batik business she had set-up after her recovery from cancer. But the global recession that had eventually hit the country had badly affected our business and it was just not enough to sustain the both of us. The downturn had also left my former husband without a job.

One misfortune led to another, including being ill for six months which almost left me bed-ridden and grossly anaemic. With no job, a failed business venture, and a dried out savings account, I became destitute. For some reason or other, I was not able to get much help from anywhere or anyone. But by God's grace, we managed to pull ourselves through, albeit very slowly and painfully out of hardship. Later in life, I learnt that all the events, good and especially the bad, were to become important lessons that would equip me for a purpose - to assume the role as a spiritual healer, something that I had never ever imagined becoming.

I was first introduced to alternative medicine in 1998. At that time, I scorned at the professor who gave a presentation of his product, an aromatherapy oil that had been "beamed" with infrasonic energy. He reminded me of Einstein with his unkempt hair and a less than conventional explanation on the laws of physics. He spoke of flowers, it's colours and the vibrations they emitted. Being a left-brained thinker by virtue of public school education, I couldn't grasp his ideologies and unorthodox theories. And arrogant that I was, just because I couldn't understand him, I had foolishly scorned and belittled his product.

Two years later, I worked for a publication company which published the first gardening magazine in Malaysia written in English. I was given the task to interview the owner of a company that produced globules which was energised with healing energies derived from flowers. This concept sounded very familiar to me and I tried to recall where I had come across this method of healing. 

My memory didn't fail me and I remembered the professor that I had met two years earlier. Instantly, my heart opened up to him, or rather his natural healing method. It was so strange, the feeling was the total opposite of what I had felt when I first met him two years earlier. But I was unashamed. I just felt I had to meet this professor again. As luck had it, a staff of the publication company knew him personally and had immediately made an appointment for me to meet him. Two weeks later I was attending his class and continued to do so for seven years until I received my degree in Alternative Medicine.

Soon after,  my conscience began to disturb me. "I am a Muslim." I thought to myself. And Islam has it's own faculties in the medical field. As a Muslim, the Quran and hadiths are where I should look first for answers and solutions for health problems. And so my search began. It wasn't easy; I didn't have a guru, and at that time there weren't many books, documents or information on Islamic Medicine and it's application written in English. Honey for example, is known to most Muslims as a cure or remedy for many ailments, but how much does one consume and how would I prescribe it to my patients?  

The only source of knowledge I had at the time was from a book, one of the most significant and important gifts I had ever received in my entire life. The book on Islamic medicine was titled "Medicine of The Prophet"  written by Ibn Qayyim al Jawziyya, a renowned Islamic scholar. It was a gift from a blessed woman and a dearest friend Sharifah Alawiyah, who had supported me and my practice ever since she knew of the change in my career path. And it was like some kind of prophecy that she had given this book to me three years before I delved into Islamic medicine.

A gift received in the blessed month of Ramadhan, year 2004.

I must give due credit to this generous woman for her zealous support and encouragement towards the development and expansion of my personal range of products. Before that I had been using a particular brand of products and she said "This is not you, I want to have something that is you."

The transition from conventional alternative medicine to Islamic medicine was a big step for me; I was doing this alone, with very limited resources, supported, guided and motivated only by a compellation and a precious book. An attempt to get support from someone I highly respected had left me deflated, and in a dilemma instead. He discouraged me, saying that "Islamic medicine is medieval and simply not relevant any longer." I was so hurt by his adverse reaction, not personally but I felt that he had made disparaging remarks against my religion, which was also his, and it had offended me immensely. But.. it had also spurred me to search harder for leads; and find I did, in a precious, momentous article in The New Straits Times written by a Professor Dr. Mohamed Mackeen.

He had written this article in his capacity as the spiritual healthcare consultant to the Malaysia Society for Complementary Medicine. This article was published on 1 April 2007, and incidentally it is the same date I had first known of my husband, Ahmad Cendana three years later. (Read the story here Violet The Colour). These are the crucial statements in his article that made my turnaround decisive:

Revelling in revealed knowledge

The basis of criteria in divinely revealed knowledge

In presenting the notion and spectrum of spiritual healthcare a fact of basic importance is to consider the epistemological and the methodology at work in arriving at the conclusions and the evidences upon which they are based.

The broad spectrum on what is called "spiritualism" or "spiritual knowledge" presents features that are generally common to all spiritual traditions that had emerged at different historical periods in different parts of the perceptible world.  

The main distinguishing features associated with the main sources of knowledge from which the spiritual doctrines are derived are:

  • That they are valid for all times and ages and by their very nature they cross the barriers of time and space, for otherwise, they would be self-limited in their usefulness.
  • The doctrines are based on revealed knowledge are not subject to the margins of error as in the case of man-made conclusions.
  • There are "positive rules" (qawaid al-fiqh) to keep the need for human creative thinking and development under constant assessment and surveillance.

I was elated; it was like God had answered specifically to my questions and uncertainties. I forged on and haven't looked back since. I have been trying to make contact with Professor Mackeen but to no avail. He had been responsible for giving me the assurance and courage to pursue a branch of medicine that was relatively unknown to me. I pray that one day our paths will cross and that I would be able to meet and thank him personally for concreting the faith in myself that would be the foundation of a whole new dimension in healing.

Over the years my passion for and conviction in Islamic or Prophetic Medicine grew. I had streamlined my healing methods into a system comprising four major steps to make the process complete and effective. I had the system named "Sistem An Nisaa" and there are plans to register this as a trademark.

Farmasi Islam Online Associates
Sistem An Nisaa

In fact, there are so many plans now - and I owe it all to my husband who has been so helpful and supportive of my practice since that glorious day of April 1. Many things have improved and materialised mostly due to his good business sense acquired by his voracious reading. His encouragement and confidence in me have lifted my hopes and desires to expand my practice even higher. His involvement in my practice somehow seems to have enabled me to do more things; one of the more important things was being able to learn and apply sunnah cupping on my patients. His presence in my life has become so critical, as I know with him, when Allah permits it, anything, everything is possible. That even a piece of unworthy carbon...can become a priceless solitaire.

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