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In the last few months, I had been experiencing some changes in myself, very positive ones: I somehow feel stronger and bolder, more than ever before. And I am wanting changes and challenges. Even though it feels exciting, I'm a little nervous about it too. It is quite unlike me; I used to be passive and laid back, preferring to keep a low profile and work in my comfort zone. 

Maybe it's because I've been spending a lot of time with my 24 year old partner, who's also my daughter since October last year. Marzia has joined me in my practice, and brings along with her freshness and spark to the clinic. There is definitely synergy between us. Initially she had planned to work with me only temporarily, on seeing that I was desperately in need of assistance in my practice at that time. Eventually, she found it comfortable working with me alhamdulillah, and started to gain interest in healing work. I couldn't be happier - it had always been my wish that she joins me and inherit all the knowledge and experience that I've garnered since year 2000. It's a double joy when she shares my other interest too, which is quite a surprise because it is rather uncommon among women.

In 2010, I attended a seminar on beekeeping and honey and it's medicinal uses. It was then that I started to look closely at bees and fell in love with them. Read about that love affair in this post here. 

Four years went by and my passion had not died out. But besides the stinging bee from the apis genus, I had also developed a very strong interest in meliponines, which is also in the same apidae family of bees but are stingless. Their honey has exceptional medicinal value, much higher than most other types of honey which are more well-known in the market. This, and the fact that they are stingless, had made me switch my decision to rear these bees instead. 

On the 24th of April this year, I had a very vivid dream; it had left a different feeling from the other normal dreams. In the dream, I was holding up both my hands in prayer, asking very hard from God to help me in fulfilling my desire to start a bee farm. From nowhere, my late Mama appeared, and she shoved an RM50.00 note into my upheld hand, not saying anything. When I woke up, my first instantaneous thought was, "Where, or who, could that source of money be?"  

Later that same morning, I received a message via Watsapp from my dearest sister, Aimi. "I'll be getting an x amount of money from.... Would you like a head start for your bee project?". My head started reeling, my heart was bursting and tears of joy were streaming down my cheeks. It wasn't just because of the offer, but also because of the very clear sign that Allah swt had answered my doa', and that the project I was going into was a blessing from Him. What I couldn't be sure of, is the presence and significance of Mama in that dream.   

Somehow, along the way, Aimi had become interested in the project too, and the two of us, together with Marzia, signed-up for a beekeeping course organised by MARDI in Serdang. It must have been more than sheer coincidence that this course was scheduled to be held at the end of May. It was most  
certainly destiny. 

Needless to say, I was elated to be amongst bees again, albeit stingless ones. And it was wonderful that this time, I was sharing the passion with my own sister and daughter. 

A company was registered, which officially had it's business commencing on the 15th May 2014 (the name, which will also be the brand name of our product will be revealed later when it is launched insyaAllah, during the coming Eid) bearing Aimi and Marzia as partners. Why that particular date, and why only the two of them and not me, is another story which I may tell in time...or not. 

Above pictures, left and right, the ceremonious "official" signing of the partnership in a less-than-conventional situation - the back of a car. 
Nevertheless, it was truly memorable, and a very significant
milestone for the three of us women.

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