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The Woman and True Love
True love, love for the sake of Allah, burns like a flame in a woman’s heart, gives ineffable delight and is truly lovely for the woman. It is an intense feeling that also has a powerful effect. A person is loved for the sake of Allah. They are loved as a manifestation of Allah, and there is a great and profound delight in that. It is a force that never ends. Allah has bestowed such a depth on almost all women. In other words, if a woman is given this, meaning passion, love, depth and loyalty, she will turn into an unbelievable entity. That woman will disappear, to be replaced by a superhuman entity. All that beauty, depth and passion in her soul begin coming to the surface.

A great many people have killed off the love in their souls. One has to resurrect that corpse in their souls. One has to release that love again. The real issue is for the love and fear of Allah to enfold one. Someone who attains the love of Allah also attains all beauty in this world and in the Hereafter. After earning Allah’s approval, a person’s mind is thenceforth tied to Allah. That person will now turn to Allah and depart from satan’s control. In surrendering his heart to Allah, he is placing himself under Allah’s rule. Such a person will constantly experience depth, beauty and happiness.

Love for the love of Allah, closeness through love of Allah,
never wears off, but rather produces a desire and love that grows increasingly profound.
It increases all the time.

An ordinary man is pretty dense. He may look like a man, but he is empty inside. He is a mass of flesh and bone. Rational women are not impressed by such men. Women like intelligence. They are strongly attracted to intelligent men. They are hypnotized by them. This stems from the special force that faith bestows. It attracts them like a magnet. But women, devout women, are totally unimpressed by idiots or people with no religion. Such people have no effect on them, and even repel them. They cannot help themselves, it is an instinct bestowed by Allah. The Qur’an indicates this. It says devout men for devout women and devout women for devout men.

A woman knows, she knows subconsciously. But it is very difficult to find someone to bring it out. A woman always has a perfection of men in her subconscious. But they cannot find it. In other words, all they want is honesty and sincerity, because women hate men who tell lies. Indeed, if it happens a few times it will demolish her and have a terrible negative impact.

And trust. Trust works like adrenalin on women. It totally relaxes them and puts them at their ease. And that allows the women to release all the force within her. It brings that depth out, in other words. And how does trust come about? Through fear and love of Allah. If a woman believes that a man has unadulterated fear of Allah, that he is passionately devoted to Allah, then in her brain she melts in the face of that man. It creates a relaxing in her brain. And the soul of a woman inside her is thus released.

And that also applies to men. If a man is trustworthy, loyal and able to keep confidence, and if he is intelligent, to which women attach such importance, then he attains qualities that hypnotize a women. A look from an intelligent woman has a huge impact, but an intelligent woman can only show that power to an intelligent man. She will look at an unintelligent man in the same way she looks at a blank wall. It is beyond her power. Her look is wasted, as if poured on water. But the eyes of an intelligent man, the beauty in him, will strongly attract her.

It is a mutual phenomenon. We call it passion.
It is a heavenly blessing that stems from love of Allah, from deep love of Allah.
It will be produced many times over in paradise.
But Allah gives believers a small foretaste of paradise
in order for them to recognize it.

Marriage and the Woman
Marriage is built on pure love. You love that person as a manifestation of Allah. And your sole aim is to protect that person entrusted to you by Allah and permit them to live under the best possible conditions, regarding them as a partner, a brother or even, in one way, as one’s child.It must be founded on pure love. One must intend to see a manifestation of Allah. People get married to experience passion. People get married to experience that delightful feeling, that feeling of depth, bestowed by Allah, in order to serve Allah together and to earn His approval.

A person is loved as a manifestation of Allah. Otherwise we are
looking at a very peculiar repulsion, may Allah forbid.
Because when one respects and values the other person,
that has an effect on a person.
That passion in a woman and the effect in the soul
that stems from valuing her very highly is sexuality.
That is what we call it.

You value her very highly, you take her really, really seriously,
she is very special to you, very great in your eyes,
splendid and sacred, immaculate.
She belongs to you.

You are certain of her chastity.
This then sparks off and magnifies this intensity in the soul.
This is a powerful force that Allah reflects in people’s souls.
And that is how it is in Paradise.
I mean, there will also be a powerful passion in people’s souls in Paradise.
We call this sexuality.

Why then, are so many couples unhappy and marriages break-up?
Instead of that true delight, some people prefer to go for material things and drown in that suffering and filth. They have to stay with someone who disgusts them and suffer for the rest of their lives. Because such men hate moral virtue, hate strength of character, constantly lie and insult the woman, impugning her honor, making their lack of love perfectly clear from their words and facial expression, all their love being placed in their goods and possessions. They grow proud and obstinate and do not recognize the woman’s worth.

So many fine women waste their lives in this way. And their children. I have known many fine women. But when I have seen them again years later, their hands and faces are all worn and they are in a terrible state. Regret has caused them to lose all their humanity. They have been ruined and their youth has been squandered in that way. That precious quality in their souls disappears, and that depth of soul of theirs is wasted, and that is a terrible shame.

That is why the finest measure is to seek love in harmony with the measure set by Allah, to seek that delightful manifestation of Allah, to be genuine and honest, and to fear and love Allah. One must know that the deep delight and astounding pleasure this imparts will be bestowed as a blessing from Allah.

There is a profound miracle unique to Muslims, unique to those who truly fear Allah. Few people are aware of it. And they live within this scourge because they are unaware of it. If they knew about it, they might not go down that other path for all the world. If they knew what a delight and joy living with true faith was, they would attach no importance to factories, or cars or anything else. But they are unaware of it.

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