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The first day of April may be a day of jokes to many, but for me, this date has become a revered day; it has been nothing less than special, magical even. It was this day in the year 2007 when I had read an extremely crucial article that had actually influenced a critical decision I had to make at that time. A decision that would determine my whole future, and perhaps even more importantly, my  eternal life. Read about the decision here.

And again, on this same date exactly three years ago, in this exact spot where I am sitting as I write this, I discovered the existence of a man, living in solitary 500 km away from me; he was living in sadness, loneliness and bitterness. He was desperate to make amends to the many mistakes he had made and suffering he had caused his children. He was a tortured soul whose life didn't turn out the way he wanted it to be. In fact it had gone terribly wrong. Or could it be that it had been right? He tells his life stories here.

My heart went out to that man and today, he is living with me as my husband. And again on the glorious first day of April, with Allah's Will, we had  made it officially the start of our practice in a brand new premise at a new commercial area in Kota Damansara known as Sunsuria, The Core. 

So many things had happened since 1 April 2010 I feel it's been thirty years that I've been with Ahmad Cendana and not three. But this must be one of the biggest events in our marriage life - it is a project that we had started together and finished together, and made all the decisions in between together. 

Ever since I started practising alternative medicine more than ten years ago, I had always wished that I would be doing it with my husband. I reckoned an ideal situation would be having someone not only as a life partner but also in business. Just a year before I had known and married Ahmad Cendana, I was resigned to the fact that my desire was nothing more than wishful thinking.

I never regarded my practice as a business and for this reason, I was not able to make it a viable entity that could sustain itself in the long term. Though I took the healing part very seriously, the business part was far from  healthyI did most things as I liked, without thinking much about profits.  For instance, the label on my products was designed purely because I liked it that way. I hadn't even considered whether it would appeal to consumers or not. Ahmad Cendana however for one reason or other, saw potential in it, and from very early on, had told me that he would help me develop my products and increase my turnover five-fold. 

"Wow!" I thought...just what I need, a business advisor! But I didn't take his claim very seriously. At that time, my attention and priority was on improving his health and straightening out his life. Not that mine was perfect but I just felt very strongly that I should do everything it takes to get him back on his feet again. 

Nevertheless he had already started thinking of ways to improve the business and was fine-tuning many aspects of my practice. He had thought about a LOT of things. In fact, he never stops thinking about things he would and could do for me.

His presence in my life has given me a lot of strength and confidence to do so much more for my practice. It is his complete support and belief in me, and of course his continuous du'as for me which lift my spirits to a level I had never achieved before.

I must say there were times when I had felt that maybe I should just stay at home and continue my practice at the house if I need to. I could actually just save and invest whatever money I had. After all, not only did I have a business advisor, he was also my own personal financial planner! Abang Mat had once aspired to be a remisier or dealer in the stock market, something I had not known till about a year ago. It's a bit too late for that, but he can now at least get involved again as a trader in the share market. Praises to Allah, The All-Knowing and The Master Planner, our matrimonial union has manifested with both our ardent desires being fulfilled. 

But of course my husband wouldn't hear of me going into early retirement. He knows what Islamic medicine and my practice mean to me. He knows of my intentions and future plans. He has made them important for him too.

Simply furnished without any frills, but with a lot of thought for the comfort of patients.

I have always wanted an office by the window! 

My furniture is almost 10 years old; almost as old as my practice and they've heard and seen many, many stories and incidents. 

My clinic for women only is more than a treatment centre.
It is an experience for the mind, body and soul.  

2007, 2010 and now in 2013, the first of April in these years have been so significant and full of sweet memories for us. But what is sweetest is the fact that all these wonderful things that have happened and are happening to us - they were never planned nor expected. The journey has only just begun but we are thankful for each day we have each other, thankful for this chance to make up for the many first of Aprils we have let slip by.

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