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You and I


You and I are one.
You and I are the same.
I was once like you,
and one day I will return to you.
And I will be like you again.

Oh dear Earth, you bear the onslaught of humans;
they turn you, they pierce you, they blow you up.
They take away from you the very elements that protect you,
and they continue to pollute and contaminate you with their filth and greed.

Oh sweet Earth, I hear you.
I ache in pain for you.
I cry for you.  
But all in vain.


You let them rip you apart,
and squeeze you dry. 
But you are so steadfast, my beautiful Earth.
You tolerate the abuse. 
You withstand the atrocities.
The absurdity of it all.

As I walk upon you,
I walk upon myself.
When I prostrate to our Creator
in shameless repentance,
for all the wrongs I have done,
it is you who touch my tears.
It is you who caress the skin on my forehead,
it is you who ground me.
As I bow in submission
and gain my rightful place. 
On you, with you,
that is where I belong.
You have witnessed it all my Earth.
There is nothing you don't know about me.
Because we are one.
You and I.

 My beautiful, beautiful Earth


The above visuals were taken in Bilut Valley, Bentong
where my little bee farm is.


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